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Patricia Rusert Gillette, Massage Practitioner
Patricia Rusert Gillette, Massage Practitioner

Human touch, when given with the appreciation of its healing properties, is a phenomenal concept. Massage’s versatility of pressure, stroke and other techniques have the ability to release tension, disperse pain and create a feeling of well being. What else can offer that?

Massage Practitioner

Through the years that I have been a massage practitioner, I have expanded the types of massage I offer because people are different and as such, require different types of healing. My direction is and has always been to help people. Massage allows me the avenue to do this.

The Practicality of Massage

Massage is physical but more, tends to envelope the whole person. Regular massage has been known to alleviate pain, increase circulation, strengthen the immune system and overall provide a feeling of well being. Massage is important from the cradle to the death bed which is why I have studied and practiced various types of massage. This even includes burn scar massage, sports massage and end-of-lie-massage also known as hospice massage.

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Massage Practitioner
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